A haiku on someone’s voice for me.

Sweet Dreams

When one of my dreams came true.

Catching up

Will humans be able to catch up with all the deaths happening around them?


What makes me high.

Author Love

A tiny list of authors I love.

Where Are My Verses?

A poem I wrote when I wasn’t able to write a poem.

Affirmation Series 2

A poem listing more of my personal positive affirmations.

Affirmation Series 1

A poem listing some of my personal positive affirmations.

My Oxygen

For the people whom we need to survive.

Care More

When you care very much about a person and want the care reciprocated.


Orange rays, Of the Sun, Light   breeze, Blissfully moving, All the leaves, Peacefully dancing, All the birds, Sweetly chirping, Good morning, It’s sunrise.

My Good Friend

A poem on a certain someone I don't want to introduce to anyone, you'll know why when you read the poem.


For the people from my dreams.

Your Memories

When the best parts of your lives are memories with someone.

This Voice

I want to hear this voice again…