Sweet Dreams

When one of my dreams came true.

Helping Children

A haiku on helping children.

Catching up

Will humans be able to catch up with all the deaths happening around them?


What makes me high.

Queer Sisters

Written for one of my queer friends.


Why do we worry about temporary things?

Who are you to me?

Another poem on a certain taboo topic. Please comment at least a thumbs-up to encourage me to write such poems.

Harsh Reality

On the anniversary of my maternal grandfather’s death.

No Choice

A haiku on guess what? Tell me in the comments.


A haiku on haiku.


A haiku on flowers.

Depth Of Darkness

A haiku on being lost in the darkness.

The Virus

A haiku on the raging pandemic.


A poem on conservative people.

Wrong Haiku

My first ever attempt at haiku which went a little wrong.